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Latest Episodes

Fred Zain
Full Episode on Fred Zain


Fred Zain was hired by the West Virginia State Police, as a chemist, in 1977. Over the course of his career, his is responsible for a potential 134 imprisonments in West Virginia and 180 in Texas.

Zain claimed to have majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry, however it was discovered that he did in fact major in Biology (with a C average), but only had a couple of chemistry courses (which he failed).

Unfortunately, Zain died of liver cancer before he could stand trial for his actions, which included:

  • recording results from blank test plates
  • testifying that inconclusive evidence was in fact conclusive
  • reporting negative results as positive

These were not one-off instances. This happened time and time again.

He robbed people of their lives. Not only was he responsible for sending innocent people to prison – but in turn, that means that the true guilty party was never made to pay for their actions, as these cases are closed once a man is in prison.

Andrew Kehoe

Kehoe was a mass murder in the 1920s. He is responsible for the Bath School Disaster, which claimed the lives of 38 children and 6 adults in 1927. The careful, months-long, planning that went into this, makes him one of the biggest pieces of trash that we have ever learned about.

This giant turd of a man lost an election and took it out on his already dying wife and numerous, completely innocent, little children. 45 People died and at least 58 were injured – mostly children between the ages of seven and twelve years old.

Sometimes it is easy to separate yourself from events that took place so long ago (95 years in this instance), but this is one that really pissed me off. Our podcast is generally filled with a large amount of joking around, but this episode made it really difficult to laugh at all. Even as I type this out, I am getting quite upset about this event. What kind of low-life son of a bitch kills little children like this? This piece of shit planned this. Try to grasp that. This was not a spur of the moment action. This guy worked on this for months.

In an instant 38 children lost their lives. 38. 38 little kids who had their entire lives in front of them. They could do anything. They were probably all bright-eyed, happy young children, having the time of their life with their friends at school. And just like that – they were gone (or changed forever due to injury and/or trauma). And why??? Because some asshat was disgruntled after losing an election. It makes me sick. All of the families who thought their kids were as safe as could be at school, had their heart ripped from their chest. That is a pain that cannot possibly go away.

I normally don’t type much on here. I simply provide pictures, videos, or links to more information, but this assbag has me so ticked off that I couldn’t just post a few links and be done. My only hope is that there is in fact a Hell, and 95 years later Andrew Kehoe is still suffering for this senseless act.

The sign that Kehoe left on his fence, to be found after the disaster.
Bath School after the explosion.

Danny Rolling


Danny Rolling (Gainesville Ripper) was a serial killer, who in 1994 murdered 5 college students. All in – he confessed to murdering 8 people, and attempting to murder his abusive father.

Not only did this twisted individual murder these college students, but he also raped them and mutilated their bodies, even decapitating one for the shock value of the people who would find her body.

When it was discovered that he was the potential murderer, he was found in jail after getting caught following a robbery.

Rolling was executed by lethal injection on October 25, 2006.