Fred Zain

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Fred Zain was hired by the West Virginia State Police, as a chemist, in 1977. Over the course of his career, his is responsible for a potential 134 imprisonments in West Virginia and 180 in Texas.

Zain claimed to have majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry, however it was discovered that he did in fact major in Biology (with a C average), but only had a couple of chemistry courses (which he failed).

Unfortunately, Zain died of liver cancer before he could stand trial for his actions, which included:

  • recording results from blank test plates
  • testifying that inconclusive evidence was in fact conclusive
  • reporting negative results as positive

These were not one-off instances. This happened time and time again.

He robbed people of their lives. Not only was he responsible for sending innocent people to prison – but in turn, that means that the true guilty party was never made to pay for their actions, as these cases are closed once a man is in prison.