Deadly Inventions

A number of “inventors” that were killed by their own “inventions“.

NOTE: We completely disagree with most of these being “inventions”….but it is what it is.


Jiménez was killed in 2006 at age 65 in his studio in Hondo, New Mexico, when one of the sculpture’s three sections came loose from a hoist, pinning him against a steel support beam and severing an artery in his leg. He bled to death on his studio floor before being declared dead on arrival at the nearest hospital. –

Blucifer – by Luis Jiménez

Flying Tailor

Franz Reichelt died in 1912, when jumping off of the Eiffel Tower, when his parachute suit failed to deploy and he plummeted 187 feet. –

Franz Reichelt wearing his parachute suit

Space Taxi

On 16 August 2009, a just-completed prototype Jetpod crashed, killing the founder of Avcen, Michael Robert Dacre, who was the sole occupant. Dacre had attempted to take off three times and on the fourth successfully lifted off before stalling and crashing. According to Taiping deputy police chief Syed A. Wahab Syed A. Majid, the company had not obtained permission from the Royal Malaysian Air Force to conduct the flight tests. –

Horrible Video Quality – But, you get the idea